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Rosiepink is a Canadian-owned small business that prides itself on delivering cute and trendy designs. With an online presence at, we strive to make our unique products accessible to customers nationwide. In addition to our virtual store, we are thrilled to offer a physical shopping experience at our pop-up store, conveniently located on the second floor of Aberdeen Center in Ozone fashion. What sets us apart is our dedication to creating clothing designs that embody the essence of Kpop trends, Asian food, sports and our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every clothing design we offer is meticulously created and embroidered right here in Vancouver, ensuring that each piece is a true work of art. Moreover, we curate a delightful collection of cute and pretty accessories, carefully sourced and imported from overseas, to complement our clothing line. At Rosiepink, we believe that fashion should be both expressive and enjoyable, and we are dedicated to bringing that joy to our customers. Whether you're a Kpop enthusiast, a lover of Asian cuisine, or a sports aficionado, our designs will capture your spirit and make a bold statement. Join us on this exciting style journey and discover the perfect blend of Canadian creativity and global inspiration at Rosiepink Boutique.